Cut down spending on your cleaning supplies !


PhotoACTIVE shows immediate results when the photocatalytic process is activated, and even under a low light intensity – whether the surface is exposed to natural light (ultraviolet rays) or artificial light (lamps).
• 0,001 mW / cm² : Eliminates odors and reduces VOCs
• 0,1 mW / cm² : Reduces pollution levels and becomes self-cleaning with a bactericidal and virucidal action
Every m² of treated surface actively generates 50m3/h of clean air, and 4m² of treated surface can clean and sanitize as much air as a tree would in a year.

The long-lasting properties of PhotoACTIVE drastically decrease the need for cleaning products and chemical disinfectants that are harmful to the environment. 

PhotoACTIVE is a cost-efficient solution for any company:

  • Decreases the need for sanitizing products
  • Reduces your cleaning costs by cutting down on cleaning staff
  • Helps limit the number of sick days by reducing cross-contamination between employees.

And on top of it all…PhotoACTIVE gives you peace of mind: rest assured that your surfaces remain sanitized at all times. 




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