365 days of sanitation.


Have you ever wondered about the durability of your sanitation efforts?

Durability is very often an overlooked parameter. Sanitizing your surfaces using traditional cleaning products is not always good enough… Maybe you should give this further consideration:

  • Are your clients and staff still getting sick with covid-19, gastroenteritis or influenza despite strict disinfection protocols?
  • Or maybe you are wondering about the durability of your efforts, excessive spending and costly maintenance?

How long will your treatment remain active without having to reapply it? This factor can significantly affect the long-term quality of your treatment. And it is kind of a big deal.

Depending on the type of technology you decide to use, your treatment may be more or less persistent. Some of them – such as ultraviolet treatments – have no durability at all. Others, such as copper sulfate, are very long lasting. PhotoACTIVE delivers a full year of continuous sanitation, even against Covid-19!

Choosing a non-permanent product means you will need to disinfect your surfaces on a regular basis in order to maintain the desired levels of sanitation. Spending endless amounts on cleaning products and staff is not an cost-effective business solution. Have you ever wanted to look into an alternative option? That is where PhotoACTIVE comes in.

croissance microbienne photoactive

by opting for a long-lasting treatment, you will reduce the time resources allocated to the disinfection of your premises. This will consequently help minimize your workload, and at the same time, reduce your expenses.

Why you should choose a long-lasting sanitizing solution:

  • To cut down on expenses normally allocated to the purchase of traditional cleaning products
  • To optimize labor costs
  • To transition to an eco-friendly solution, and reduce the use of biocides
  • To simplify your cleaning protocols
  • To no longer have to keep track of what areas have been disinfected
  • PhotoACTIVE remains effective where other non-treated surfaces are immediately recontaminated.
  • To protect surfaces that cannot be easily cleaned


In the early stages of the pandemics, the University of Siena (Italy) led the research response against SARS-Cov-2 , the virus responsible for Covid-19. They demonstrated the efficacy of PhotoACTIVE in accordance with the EN 14476 standard, the only standard currently accepted in France to demonstrate the virucidal activity of a disinfectant against covid-19. Antibacterial tests were performed by independent laboratories according to the BS EN 1276/2019 standard, used to evaluate the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. PhotoACTIVE showed excellent results after one year of use and outstanding resistance to extreme conditions.

Other long-lasting liquid solutions, that rely on nanotechnologies using nitrogen or silica particles, are available on the market. These products are however not currently effective against SARS-Cov-2. Surfaces treated with these products require regular cleaning, at the risk of being obstructed by a layer of dead microorganisms (the biofilm). In contrast, PhotoACTIVE decomposes the molecules that make up these microorganisms into volatile molecules, so you can rest assured that treated surfaces remain clean. PhotoACTIVE guarantees that all surfaces remain sanitized, even those that are usually hard to clean, such as textiles (chairs, sofas), or that are often overlooked (handrails, handles...).



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