World innovation for antimicrobial protection for the veterinary environment, in particular equestrian.

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PhotoACTIVE Equine

Revolutionary disinfectant for the equestrian environment

PhotoACTIVE® is a residual disinfection solution that has already been used for several years in the professional sector, particularly in the medical environment. Its effectiveness has been widely demonstrated during the Covid-19 epidemic against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Its approval in the veterinary field is a major advance in the fight against epizootics. Indeed, the specific hygiene and disinfection practices issued by organizations such as RESPE (Equine Pathology Epidemio-Surveillance Network) supported by all players in the equestrian sector are not necessarily known and applied correctly.
PhotoACTIVE® eliminates the risk of disease transmission by killing pathogens as soon as they are deposited on surfaces.
Carriers, organizers, stable managers, riders, you can choose to prevent diseases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and protect horses.

  • Tested against rhinopneumonia.
  • Effective 12 months without maintenance
  • Eliminates VOC, Nox and Sox.
  • Anti odor/Depolluting.
  • ISO standards 14476 et EN 1276.
  • Self cleaning, hydrophilic
  • Inexpensive.
  • Ecological.
destroys the virus of rhinopneumonia

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The only nano-coating suitable for the equestrian world that saves time and money

reliable for equines

destroys 99,9% of HVE1* in 15 minutes

*Rhinopneumonia HVE1 respiratory, abortive and neurological form

1 intervention for the whole year

reduces disinfection costs by up to 90%

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Long lasting disinfection

PhotoACTIVE® is active for over a year without recharging

Permanent Disinfection

24/7 it’s not magic it’s science!

Extremely fast

99.99% of bacteria destroyed in less than 5 minutes
99.99% of viruses destroyed in less than 15 minutes

Eliminates HVE1

destroys HVE1, the virus responsible for equine rhinopneumonia

8 things you absolutely need to know about PhotoACTIVE® Equine !


PhotoACTIVE® has already been used for several years in the human medical environment

Anti odor

The photocatalysis of PhotoACTIVE® drastically reduces odors


PhotoACTIVE® is food contact compliant and non-cytotoxic

Surfaces AND Textiles

PhotoACTIVE® Equine exists for surfaces and textiles



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