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Long-lasting antimicrobial treatment for surfaces

virus et bactéries présents sur les surfaces

Contamination of equines via surfaces

Unsanitized surfaces are a risk factor in disease transmission between horses.

A sick horse projects microdroplets loaded with pathogenic agents into the environment via its breath, which adhere to the walls of its box, or inside the transport vehicle. The healthy horse that passes behind, even several weeks later, is at risk of falling ill if drastic disinfection has not been carried out.

Horses are particularly exposed during travel and competitions, where systematic disinfection is rarely carried out in competition boxes and vehicles.

Herpesvirus (rhinopneumonia) survives several days on a surface

and stroptococcus (impetigo) more than 6 months !

Solution : PhotoACTIVE Equine

PhotoACTIVE Equine is a nanocoating sprayed onto surfaces. It guarantees the disinfection of these continuously, and this for a period of one year without having to replace the product.

It’s not magic, it’s science! Consult the brochure to know everything about our product.

Safe for horses and reliable, PhotoACTIVE Equine is your essential ally for the safety of your companions and your events.

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photoactive equine applique dans une ecurie

For the stable

Hygiene in the stable is very important for the well-being of the equines therein. PhotoACTIVE Equine keeps stables and common areas such as showers and grooming areas microbiologically clean.

The coating applied to the box walls prevents bacterial development on them. The horse can be changed box without risk, newcomers cannot catch and transmit a germ via the surfaces.

Pathogen deposition is primarily done by horses breathing in a confined environment, coughing, licking and biting coverings. The presence of rats and mice also brings its share of bacteria that can affect horses, such as leptospirosis.

The management of a possible quarantine in the stable is greatly facilitated thanks to the measures already simplified with PhotoACTIVE Equine.

For the contest

The structures organizing equestrian events have their share of responsibility in the fight against the spread of disease. All outbreaks of rhinopneumonia often have a common origin, namely a competition or gathering.

Who does not remember the rhino epidemic contracted in Valencia (Spain) and having contaminated the whole of France, prohibiting travel and competitions for several months?

Collapsible boxes are very suitable for treatment with PhotoACTIVE Equine. Indeed, these surfaces are sometimes cleaned, rarely disinfected, at the end of the competition. However, since germs can survive for several months, a horse geographically far from the previous one can contract a disease and cause an epidemic to continue.

Especially since in some competitions, the boxes are rented to several horses during the same event without any disinfection on the part of the organizer!

PhotoACTIVE Equine brings a very high added value to your event, whether you are an organizer, host, or rental structure. Horses will be able to go to your gatherings without fear of bringing a pathogen back to their stable.

photoactive equine pour la désinfection des événements sportifs
application photoactive equine transport

For transport

Equines travel in confined spaces, whether in vans or trucks. The risk of contamination increases exponentially with the duration of transport.

A contagious horse will not necessarily be detected immediately, but it will contaminate the entire interior of a vehicle. The next horse will be directly exposed, since their heads (and therefore the areas affected by micro-droplets, coughing, or licking for example) are in contact with the same surfaces.

A team that owns its vehicles will have every interest in stopping contamination by treating them.

Rented vehicles are rarely disinfected and increase the risk. Vehicle manufacturers can use PhotoACTIVE Equine and bring added value in health safety for their customers.

For medical

PhotoACTIVE Equine is a valuable ally in the management of a medical clinic, where hygiene and disinfection are a priority.

PhotoACTIVE Equine helps you maintain a rate close to the sterility of surfaces continuously for a year, without the need to disinfect between each examination.

Its great versatility allows it to be applied to surfaces as varied as walls, floors, but also metal, and porous surfaces. Recovery rooms are often problematic in the management of disinfection, PhotoACTIVE solves this aspect and saves time and money in the daily use of biocides.

PhotoACTIVE Equine actively helps to lower the rates of nosocomial infections, as well as cross-contamination between individuals. A full-scale experiment is underway at the Clinique Equine du Champ du Perier, do not hesitate to consult the results:



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