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Aware that permanent disinfection products are brand new in the hygiene landscape, we have prepared a small FAQ on the questions we receive the most.

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PhotoACTIVE vous apporte de multiples avantages :

  • pour commencer une économie financière drastique sur les produits d'entretien et les prestations de nettoyage. Nos clients constatent une baisse de 70% jusqu'à 90% sur ces postes.
  • Moins d'arrêts de travail
  • Moins d'arrêts maladie
  • Moins de produits de désinfections utilisés 
  • des clients sécurisés
  • des employés rassurés
  • la satisfaction de dire au revoir à Covie The Covid !
  • Bref vous gagner de l'argent et de la sécurité avec PhotoACTIVE

Alors convaincu ?

PhotoACTIVE® est efficace sur l’ensemble des variants du Covid-19.

Ainsi, contrairement aux désinfectants classiques, PhotoACTIVE® ne tue pas les virus et les bactéries mais les « désassemble ». Par ailleurs, comme il agit directement sur la membrane lipidique des virus, PhotoACTIVE® est efficace sur l’ensemble de leurs variants, ces derniers étant issus d’une mutation des protéines Spike, situées à la surface du virus.


The University of Siena, in Italy, demonstrated PhotoACTIVE's efficacy against various forms of coronaviruses such as the H1N1 influenza or SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for covid-19). Tests were carried out following European standard ISO14476, recommended by the Institut Pasteur in France (French foundation dedicated to the study of biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines).

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Based on currently available aging tests, PhotoACTIVE remains effective for a least a year - and we are awaiting longer aging test results.

    For indoor and outdoor surfaces, in the dark or under natural/artificial light.


    PhotoACTIVE degrades bacteria and viruses by acting on their lipid membrane, thus reducing the bacterial load present on treated surfaces. PhotoACTIVE is the most effective bactericidal and virucidal solution on the market!

    Applied to external surfaces, PhotoACTIVE reduces the concentrations of NOx, SOx and PMx in the air. Every 10m2 treated with PhotoACTIVE correspond to what three medium-sized trees can do!

    Through photochemical oxidation, PhotoACTIVE can decompose organic matter. Surfaces turn super-hydrophilic when exposed to UV light, and therefore become self-cleaning.

    PhotoACTIVE creates a nanometric mesh that, thanks to its amorphous colloidal form, remains on the surface. This guarantees the treatment remains effective for over a year! 


PhotoACTIVE® est actuellement l'unique solution antimicrobienne qui dure pendant 1 an testée ANTI-COVID19 selon l'iso 14476. PhotoACTIVE® est aussi conforme pour le contact alimentaire et non cytotoxique pour la peau humaine. Nous n'avons à l'heure actuelle aucune concurrence.

La presse fait souvent l'amalgame entre "anti covid 19" et "anti coronavirus".  Actuellement les produits concurrents existants sont testés Coronavirus humain E229, HCoV, FCoV (félin), ou TGEV (porcin). 

Demandez toujours un test sur le SARS-CoV-2, qui est le seul coronavirus responsable de la Covid-19.

Tests were carried out by the team of Professor Maria Grazia Cusi, professor in microbiology and clinical microbiology in the department of Medical Biotechnologies at the University of Siena, and also director of the UOC in microbiology and virology at Siena University Hospital.

"We are pleased to share the great success of PhotoACTIVE® against SARS-CoV-2" - from the press release issued by the University of Siena.

PhotoACTIVE is a new long-lasting antimicrobial technology tested by the University of Siena, showing excellent results against Covid.
The microbiology and virology lab at the University of Siena, headed by professor Maria Grazia Cusi, recently demonstrated the antimicrobial properties of PhotoACTIVE not only against common flu viruses, but also against SARS-CoV-2. Analyses and tests of the photoactive compound produced by L&G srl were commissioned by Biomedical Pharma.

"In such critical times, it is with great pleasure that I accepted the offer from Biomedical Pharma, said professor Cusi, to evaluate products able to inhibit and limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2."

Biomedical Pharma turned to the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology on the recommendation of lawyer and University of Siena alumnus Alberto Botarelli. He points out: "the Department of medical biotechnologies of the University carried out a demanding job, made possible by the skills and experience they acquired over long years of research."

The team of professor Maria Grazia Cusi, professor in microbiology and clinical microbiology in the department of Medical Biotechnologies at the University of Siena, and also director of the UOC in microbiology and virology at Siena University Hospital, is currently working on researching and diagnosing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They were the first team, in April 2020 in Tuscany, to isolate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in cell cultures. This result allowed the scientific community to study this pathogen, evaluate its virulence and research potential antiviral medication and vaccines.

Professor Cusi is also one of three members selected by the regional council of Tuscany to validate rapid testing. The efficacy of LED blue light to sanitize surfaces was also recently successfully tested in a lab environment.

We can provide certificates issued by several different laboratories, following different ISO standards: efficacy against bacteria, viruses, durability, resistance to abrasion, etc. They can be downloaded from our website, or sent to you on request.

In accordance with directive (EC) No. 1907/2006 and (EU) 2015/830
CAS 13463-67-7 / EINCES 236-675-5 / REACH 01-2119489379-17

Direct measurement of the photocatalytic activity by an innovative device built in Japan, allowing for the instant measurement and data reading of the photocatalysis effect on different substrates.

Artificial aging in accordance with ASTM G / 155/13, with color variation analyses in accordance with ISO 772 / 3-1984

Artificial rain test performed with a rainfall simulator in extreme conditions, with thermal shock ranging between -40 ° C and + 80 ° C. in accordance with - UNI EN ISO 11507 of 2002

o UNI-EN-ISO 14476 - Analysis of virucidal activity against sars-cov-2 (COVID19)
o UNI-EN-ISO 14476 - Analysis of virucidal activity against H1N1
o UNI-EN-ISO-11247 - Degradation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air.
o UNI-EN-ISO-20645 - Analysis of antibacterial activity on textiles
o UNI-EN-ISO-20645 - Analysis of antibacterial activity on paints
o UNI-EN-ISO-27447 - Analysis of antibacterial activity on ceramics
o UNI-EN-ISO-15457 - Analysis of antifungal activity
o UNI-EN-ISO 6330 - Wet scrub resistance

The product is free from any allergen mentioned in annex 3bis to directive 89/2003/68/EC, amended by Dir. 2007/68/EC and Regulation n° 1169/2011.

The product is not a biocide.
The product is not treated with ionizing radiation.
The product is gluten free.
The product is GMO free.
The product is free from products carrying BSE/TSE.
The product is latex free.
The product does not contain recycled materials.
The product is free from mineral oils.
The product is phtalate free.
The product is bisphenol free.
The product is pesticide free.
The product is silicon free.
The product does not contain aromatic amines.
The product is formaldehyde free.

All ingredients used in this product have their own registration dossier.
The product does not contain SVHCs nor any of the following substances:
- Substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR substances), category 1A and 1B (Annex I, section 3.6 of Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008);
- Ingredients listed on the REACH SVHC list updated on 06/25/2020;
- Substances which are persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) or very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB) according to REACH Annex XIII.
(I) In compliance with the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2020/217 of 4 October 2019.
(II) In compliance with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/1416 of 24 August 2016 amending and correcting Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
(III) In compliance with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/830 of 28 May 2015 amending Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

IARD: no ingredient identified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer is present in this product at a level superior to 0.1%.


Nous sommes actuellement le seul produit liquide anticovid 19 avec un test de contact alimentaire conforme aux directives européennes.

Durability tests for PhotoACTIVE were carried out in a climate chamber under extreme conditions, with thermal shocks ranging from -40°C to +80°C.
PhotoACTIVE creates a highly resistant antimicrobial mesh on the treated surface, and its photocatalytic properties meet the requirements for use in an outdoor setting.

PhotoACTIVE creates an invisible mesh that protects the treated area. Once applied, it is not meant to be removed: in-house testing performed on easily-stained surfaces (such as suede cloth, imitation leather, thin felt...), demonstrated that the liquid application does not leave any visible stains. However, we recommend that you carefully remove any visible marks on transparent, shiny, or chromed surfaces before applying PhotoACTIVE, lest the stains remain visible underneath the mesh - once the product is dry, the stain becomes permanently covered by PhotoACTIVE and therefore can no longer be removed.

Oui ! Heureusement cela serait problématique pour l'utilisation dans notre beau pays !

PhotoACTIVE® est composé de susbtances autorisées en Europe dans le respect de la règlementation REACH et dans des proportions considérées non dangereuses.

PhotoACTIVE® est déclaré à l'ANCES (Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l'alimentation, de l'environnement et du travail) en tant que biocide.

Oui. Aux Etats Unis, PhotoACTIVE a été classé par la FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration), autorité qui régule l'entrée et la classification des substances aux USA, comme désinfectant médical apte à être utilisé sur les surfaces en milieu médical. Ce produit peut être utilisé pour pré-nettoyer ou décontaminer les dispositifs médicaux critiques ou semi-critiques avant la stérilisation ou la désinfection de haut niveau. Ce produit peut être utilisé pour désinfecter les dispositifs médicaux non critiques, qui entrent en contact qu'avec une peau intacte.

États-Unis - FDA

Appareil de classe 1

Numéro d'enregistrement 3017840981 

510 (K) EXEMPT

No need to upgrade your cleaning supplies. PhotoACTIVE has a low pH value and can resist to a pH level of 15.

With PhotoACTIVE, you can keep your pre-sanitary crisis cleaning protocols - nothing more, nothing less. For instance, a desk will remain dusty unless you wipe it down frequently, but your handrails will remain sanitized even without using disinfecting products.


That's the tricky part: your surfaces may be sanitized, but it does not necessarily mean that they are clean!

You will still need to wipe down your surfaces with water in order to remove dust - but you no longer need to use disinfecting products.

Respecting the environment is something that we deeply care about: our information stickers are printed using solvent-free inks following eco-friendly printing processes (Imprim'Vert certification).

PhotoACTIVE is a non-toxic product likened to household waste, and as such does not officially call for a specific waste management protocol. We at PhotoACTIVE prefer to keep green practices in mind in order to turn waste into energy, with the help of a company specializing in waste management. Clients that make large orders with us can send back their waste (wipes, bottles) and will be provided with a waste disposal certification slip once properly recycled by our partner company.

  • Reduce the number of sick days

  • Cut down spending on disinfecting products

  • Give your clients peace of mind
    - Reassure your employees

  • Say bye to Covid!

  • But after all... it's up to you!

Great! But remember that social distancing practices and protective measures are still important: please remember to wear a mask, wash your hands often and make sure that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available to all.
PhotoACTIVE is designed to protect your surfaces from cross-contamination and keep them sanitized at all times, but it will not help stop the spread of infection between two people in direct contact.

PhotoACTIVE is currently the only long-lasting liquid solution certified against covid-19. It only needs to be applied once, dries immediately, and provides a full year of sanitation.
PhotoACTIVE is the only product to have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 - always check certificates!
We are proud to contribute to the eradication of covid-19... Like you, we are looking forward to saying goodbye to covid, for good!

Le liquide PhotoACTIVE est actuellement le produit le plus puissant et rapide du marché en terme d'action réel : en moins de 5 min la surface est désinfectée contre  minimum 1h pour un film adhésif antimicrobien.

PhotoACTIVE® est invisible, pratique écologique, pas de colle, ni de retrait d'adhésif qui abime les surfaces.

Il esu aussi moins cher car plus simple d'application !

L'adhésif dure, selon les fabricants, entre 4 et 5 ans, contre 1 an pour PhotoACTIVE®. Sauf que l'adhésif s'abime plus ou moins rapidement suivant la fréquentation du lieu. En effet la dégradation volontaire par les usagers est plus fréquente qu'on ne le pense et réduit drastiquement la durée de vie de l'adhésif à quelques mois seulement.

L'adhésif est aussi très difficile à enlever et nécessite du matériel pouvant endommager les surfaces (décapeur thermique, dissolvant de colles).

Il n’y en a pas ! PhotoACTIVE fonctionne sur la base d’une action antimicrobienne sûre la Photocatalyse nouvelle génération à mémoire. Le principe actif contenu dans PhotoACTIVE est le fruit de plus de 15 ans de recherche, conduites au sein d'un grand laboratoire . Il est sûr pour les humains et les animaux, fonctionne en continu et son action est efficace tant que le liquide est présent sur la surface protéger.

PhotoACTIVE arrive en France et en Europe mais est déjà présent partout dans le monde : Etats Unis, Amérique du Sud, Emirats Arabes Unis etc et nous espérons vivement que la nouvelle mesure barrière sera la protection des surfaces avec PhotoACTIVE.

PhotoACTIVE® a été testé in vitro avec des cellules humaines et a démontré 0% de cytotoxicité. PhotoACTIVE® n'est donc pas dangereux lorsqu'il est en contact avec la peau humaine.

PhotoACTIVE® est aussi conforme au contact alimentaire et n'a pas montré de migration de substances actives dans la nourriture.

Les % de substances actives contenues dans PhotoACTIVE® sont en dessous des valeurs de toxicité pour les animaux dans la classification REACH.

Le laboratoire en nanotechnologie fabriquant la base de PhotoACTIVE® est installé en Italie.

La fin de process, le conditionnement et l'emballage sont ensuite réalisés en France, vers Lyon !

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