photoACTIVE antimicrobien permanent pour les restaurants et les bars

According to a study published online September 1, 2020 in the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (MMWR) of the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, Atlanta, Georgia) the number of people infected with Covid-19 was 2.8 times more likely to report going to a restaurant and 3.9 times more likely to have visited a bar or café than negative individuals.

PhotoACTIVE ® is a major asset is a major asset in the management of the hygiene of surfaces in contact with the general public, even more so when turnover between customers can be high, such as in restaurants and bars. Whether you are a large restaurant, fast food restaurant, café, bar, brasserie, it can be very complicated to keep the health protocols deployed during a crisis, especially during busy services: In this, the installation of PhotoACTIVE ® makes it possible to guarantee the inhibition of growth of germs and its destruction up to 99.99% without intervention.


PhotoACTIVE ® is authorized for the general public, it meets all standards in terms of efficiency and safety. PhotoACTIVE ® is approved for food contact.


Because it is very complicated to guarantee impeccable hygiene between each customer, PhotoACTIVE ® can help you break the chains of transmission on different surfaces:

      • Entrance door handles, and all interior door handles (toilets…)
      • Customer reception desks
      • Tables, counters, chairs
      • Tactile control terminals, dispenser buttons
      • ATM keyboards
      • Toilet contact surfaces


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